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Early Childhood Classes

All Music Makers classes are based on the teachings of Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly, and Dalcrose. Students experience full participation in music through instruments, movements, speech and body percussion.


MUSIC MAKERS 1 (6 to 24 months): These classes involve chair and floor games and rhymes, folk dances, intentional touch and motor development exercises all done to music and rhythmic speech. The children are introduced to percussion instruments and creative props such as scarves, ribbons, balls and hoops.


MUSIC MAKERS 2 (18 months to 31/2 years): More instruments are introduced and the little musicians can now join in the marching, galloping, rolling, slithering, dancing, improvising...Kodaly music symbols are introduced.


MUSIC MAKERS 3 (3 to 5 years)Children now come on their own (there is an option for parents to stay), and enjoy the independence and social interaction. The emphasis is on working as a group using games, short plays, instruments etc. Cooperation, inclusion and community spirit are key. Kids now recognize the Kodaly symbols and can clap and play the rhythms on non-pitched percussion instruments.


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